"Decoding Life, One Choice at a Time"

Life is the sum of all of your choices --Albert Camus

Our Mission

ShouldLabs is a project that sprung from a single question, “Is life as complicated as we think it is?” Certainly life is complex, with hundreds of thousands little choices made every, single day. In one sense, all of these choices, from where you eat lunch this afternoon to how many pairs of Rocky and Bullwinkle

The Questions

Our challenge at Should Labs is to take life and break it down into a series of less than 20 major choices that strongly correlate to Health, Wealth, Happiness and Risk. This task, by the way, is one of the most awesome things we have ever done and the results of our work are the 19 questions you see to your right.

Life Choices Survey

Thank you for taking our Life Choices survey! To understand what we are trying to do take a look at our mission. To get a better idea of what the research says about each of these choices, take a look at our questions section. When answering the questions pick the choice that most closely describes your life right now.